Member Needs Assistance

To All Members,

Yesterday, 1/27/2021, there was an incident involving our Association Recording Secretary Lois Johnston at her home. A fire started in the exhaust fan in the bathroom and had spread into the wall. Her grandson smelled something burning and escorted everyone out of the house and called 911. Fire department arrived on scene, located the source, pulled the meter, and extinguished the fire in approximately 10 minutes resulting in smoke damage throughout the house and fire damage in the bathroom and kitchen. Most importantly there were NO INJURIES.

Lois and her family will be staying with other family members until repairs are made. The Association will assist the family in anyway they need assistance and if anyone would like to call or email and check on Lois and her family the number is 610-453-3422. Text message is preferred and her email is


To ALL Fire Police as of Monday July 13th to be in compliance with Governor¬† Wolf’s state orders any call that fire police are dispatched to INCLUDING calls with your own company you MUST have a mask on hand and use it when dealing with the public. Any fire police officer not using a mask must use a facial barrier or covering such as a nomex hood and also remember to maintain a 6 foot distance when possible when dealing with the public.

September Meeting *Cancelled*

Meetings will resume in September and the meeting will go as planed, Please bring your masks with you. Septembers meeting will be held at Lower Chichester Fire Company Station 39, please see the previous post for the address. If there are any changes they will be posted as soon as we get them. Please remember to always wear your mask ad stay safe and healthy!


Due to the COVID-19 situation per President Fran Desmond The Delaware County Fire Police Association has cancelled all County Fire Police Meetings and Events until further notice. We need to think about our health and well being at this important time and stay inside unless we are absolutely needed. We still encourage our fire police to respond to emergency calls as we always have before but please remember that we need to keep ourselves safe and healthy first. Please remember the 6 foot rule and to wash your hands and face on a normal basis with soap and water as well as when returning from any and all calls. Keep some hand sanitizer with you in your vehicles if possible and for those of you with Traffic Units please keep a couple of extra bottles on hand so that every person on your unit as well as anyone touching your equipment can be able to be protected and safe during these times. We apologize for any inconvience that this may cause however it all comes down to SAFETY FIRST! We hope and pray that all of you stay safe and healthy during this time. Please feel free to contact Fran Desmond if you should need any assistance during this time as well.