October 12, 2017

All members are encouraged to send any request for assistance to Deputy Commissioner John Gould. jgould@lansdownefire.com

Request will be posted to the website.201709151334

September 15, 2017

Good  Afternoon


For next Tuesday afternoon’s Delaware County Incident Management Task Force meeting, I am trying to finalize an agenda.


One item is to enhance our Incident Recap section to talk about more incidents.


Therefore, in light of back to school season, I have a homework assignment for you.


Please go back and think about any incidents your organization may have responded to over the last few months.  It does not matter if they were small or larger in scale. or if they were on the highway or an arterial.

  • Are there any that stand out?
  • What went right, an could be considered a best practice?
  • Did something go wrong or possibly could have been done better?
  • Were there any unique circumstances?
  • Any lengthy incidents that maybe could have been shortened?

If you want to let me know any specific, I can add them on the agenda, otherwise I will  go around the room an ask each agency about recent incident responses.


Also, if you have any other agenda topic ideas, or suggestions, please let me know.


Thanks in advance for your help.




Christopher King | Associate Manager, Office of Transportation Operations Management

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission 190 N. Independence Mall West, 8th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19106-1520

215-238-2849 | cking@dvrpc.org | www.dvrpc.org

September 15, 2017

Delaware County Fire Police Association

Board of Director Meeting, 9/13/17

Darby # 4, Station 76

Meeting called to order at 1934 by Ex-Chairman of the Board, Nick Picozzi.

  • Received several request for Fire Police assistance:
    • 9/16/17, Norwood looking for 6-8 Fire Police for fireworks, 2130 to 2300 hrs. in Lower Park.
    • 9/18/17, Honor Flight for Vets, starting at I-95 NB rest area, De/PA border, meet @ 1700 hr.
    • 10/8/17, Ridley Park Fall Festival, 6-8 FP requested from 1300-1900 hrs.
    • 10/15/17, Honor Flight for Vet,
      • (See Delco Fire Police Web site for letters of requests and start times).
  • 10/14/17:  Goodwill Fire Co. hosting Fire Prevention, from Noon to 1700 hrs.
  • 9/19/17: There will be a Traffic Incident Management meeting at the 911 Center.  Contact Chris King if you would like to attend.  The meeting is free.  Phone #:  215-238-2849 or email: cking@dvrpc.org.
  • A boot will be passed around for collection to assist a Fire Police group in Texas/Florida.

Meeting adjourned at 1950 hrs.

Respectfully submitted,

Art Gorga

Art Gorga

1st District, Alt. Dir.

September 15, 2017

Delaware County Fire Police Association

Nominations of Officers for 2018-2020



  •  Marie Donnelly
  •  Fran Desmond
  • 1st Vice President:
  •  Paul Blanford
  • 2nd Vice President:
  •  Mike Parks
  • Recording Secretary:
  •  Bob Owsiany
  •  Lois Johnston
  • Assistant Recording Secretary:
  •  Dave Evans
  • Treasurer:
  •  Earl Pensyl
  • Financial Secretary:
  •  Amanda Desmond
  • Fire Commissioner:
  •  John Gould
  • Deputy Commissioner:
  •  Gary Milligan
  •  Mike Elder
  • NOTE: Each District to elect Director and Alternate Director if their term is expiring for next meeting. Next meeting will be November 8th. Location to be Determined. BOD mtg. @ 1930 hrs. and General Meeting starts 2000 sharp.

The new BASIC FIRE POLICE course was held this weekend at the Delaware County Emergency Services Training Center. 15 students were in attendance. The course consisted of classroom lecture, tabletop simulations, as well as field demonstrations and exercises. Congrats to all students who received their certificates.  A special thank you to Officer Joe Drabik (station 20) and Capt. Carl Ewing (station 41) for your help with the class, Thanks also go to stations 01, 20, and 41 for the use of your department vehicles and resources.

September 5, 2017

This request has been amended to include the County Fire Police. Please respond to John Gould, jgould@lansdownefire.com


August 31, 2017
Dear Chief Fuller,
This is JoDean from Honor Flight Philadelphia.  We are finishing our year up with two trips in the fall.
Our first trip is Monday, September 18th.  We will be honoring WWII and Korean War Veterans.  Our final destination is the Flourtown Country Club in Montgomery County.  Tom Jones from Warrior’s Watch is in charge of our escort to the country club.
Our second trip is honoring Vietnam Veterans on Sunday, October 15th.  Our final destination is The Lamb Tavern in Delaware County.  Bob Crawford is organizing the escort for this trip.
As I have shared with you before, seeing you and your men on the over passes means more to the veterans than our entire day in Washington.  The men are truly overwhelmed with emotion.  If it is possible, we would love to again have the fire departments as part of the “escort home”.  If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call at 610-627-1494.
JoDean DeSilva
Dear Chief Fuller,

Good morning.  According to Googlemaps for the September trip, it can take us from 2:10- 3:30 to reach the Welcome station.  With an escort, I am splitting the time down the middle so that brings us arriving around 6:10ish.  Unless we have mechanical problems, we usually leave right on time from D.C- 3:15pm.

For the October trip, they are predicting 2:10-3:10 to reach the Welcome Station.  I feel this ride will be quicker because it is a Sunday.  Again, with an escort, we should arrive around 5:30-5:45 ish.
I apologize for not being able to give you specific times.  We respect your time and are so appreciative of the honor you bestow on the veterans.  I can call you along the way to keep you informed of traffic and our approximate arrival time.  Just let me know.
I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather!  JoDean
UCFP - 2017 Community Day Request Letter
August 20, 2017

Please be advised that effective immediately Commissioner Gary Mulligan will no longer be on Facebook. Please feel free to reach him via text on his cell phone. If you need the number contact Deputy Commissioner John Gould.