Month: June 2021

Ridley Park Fireworks

Ridley Park Police is requesting assistance of 7 fire police officers to assist with this years fireworks at the lake from 5pm till 10pm on July 3rd. Fire Police will be meeting at Constitution Terrace and W. Ridley Ave for assignments. Ridley Park Police Chief has advised that they will be closing the roads at 5pm this year. Anyone that can assist please contact Jesse Francis (Traffic 48) at 610-496-8198 or Steve Edwards at 610-842-7238. Thank You in advance.

Help Needed for Tinicum Township Fireworks

Tinicum Township is requesting assistance of fire police on June 26 from 6pm to 10pm at Manor Field located at 420 & 291 (Wanamaker Ave & 291). Tinicum Township is requesting 5 fire police officers to assist with this event. A letter has been received for those that need one, click the link below to download the letter. Anyone available please contact Jesse Francis (Traffic48) at 610-496-8198. Thank You in advance.

TTFC letter to fire police assocation