Meeting Minutes 01-11-2023

Delaware County Fire Police Assoc.



Called to order by Paul at 19:30 with a Prayer and salute to the flag.

Welcome from the host company, Parkside Fire Company – Stephen Edwards.

Norm Passarella and Art Gorga – Sgt at arms

Roll Call done by Lois Johnston

Motion made to dispense with the minutes from previous meeting – Steve advised that minutes have been posted on the website.

Report of the Sick – John Pucino’s wife is healing she had major hand surgery. Art Gorga is back in service. Joe Drabik is doing better. Bob Richardson is not feeling very well. Mike Elder’s son is home and doing better. Mike Toth’s grandmother passed away.

Applications or new members – (2) Paul Grothman and Nick Millas both members of 10 and Goshen FC. Both motioned to dispense with 30 days, and both voted in.

Report of the treasurer – Earl gave his report (see attached) Motion to accept made by Art and second by Nick.

Director’s report – See attached. Spoke about the banquet, training, and two new members.

Radio Committee – Tom stated that the end of next year the system will go into effect. Radios for the new system will run $2500 – $3000 each portable radio, mobiles will be more. New system will be 700 – 800 MH. and there will be a P25 paging system and we will need new pagers. County will only give out only 10 pagers per station, they are $500 – $600 each.  Fire Police will have their own talk groups and they will be repeater channels that the county will not monitor. Active 911 will remain in effect and Zello is undetermined at this time. If any additional radios are needed they can be bought at the county discount price. County is changing how they do business, they will be working with the municipalities not the fire companies anymore. Each municipality is going to get 25 portables and 5 mobiles. The 1st & 11th radios will stay the same. Tom will push to keep the Zello in the county. You can get radios through a grant if your company applies for it. Gulio stated the county is doing stuff for us.

Training – Gulio – Scheduling a class soon on how to handle yourself in court to be taught by Bill Robinson from Upper Chichester. Still trying to get a hold of the guy that did the training last year but no luck yet.  Steve will be updating the training lists on the website. Gulio stated that the county is offering a class for NFPA 1091 and would like to know how many people are interested in this class.

Banquet – The banquet will be held on March 26th at 1pm at Boothwyn station 10 tentatively. Cost will be $25/person with possibly a cash bar. Total will be $1250 and $80 for the bartender. Motion to have a banquet was made by Steve and 2nd by Lois. Motion was made by Joe B for the members to pay the cost of $25/person and those that cannot pay the association will take care of the cost. The association will also be responsible for any shortfall of attendance as well. Motion 2nd by Gulio and passed We need to have at least 50 people for the banquet. All funds must be paid in advance with the deadline on March 8, 2023.

Awards – if we are doing awards and you have any recommendations, please notify Paul Blandford.

Bylaws- Progress

Memorial – Will be held May 2024.

Laws and Legislation – Tow trucks are now allowed to operate blue to the rear. They are not allowed any sirens. There is a tow company operating with sirens and PSP will not tolerate this.

Website – Will be updating the training. Minutes are up to date and those that need access please see Steve.

Ways and means- 7&8 districts are getting hats for $17 each. At this time Paul has an order of 3 summer and 3 winter hats. The hats are adjustable.

Publicity – Sent pictures from the memorial service to the state. Gulio is still taking names for Active 911 and Zello if needed.

County Fireman Assoc – No report

State F/P Assoc. – Meeting will be held on the 3rd Sunday of March which will be the 19th  at Chester County at the Public Service Building in Coatesville.

Report of the Commissioner – All members are in the database for the county. Training will be done for access to the system.

Closing of the roll book 20:22

Communications – N/A

Unfinished Business – N/A

New Business N/A

50/50 – Not done this meeting.

Good of the Assoc. – A question was asked about the wands with the red and blue lights in them on if they were illegal. Paul will contact our representative from Fire Store about this as well. The blue lights on the tow trucks should only be used when parked.

Payment of the bills – read by Amanda (see attached) Motion to pay by Art and 2nd by Steve.

Turned over to VP – Meeting undetermined but possibly at Folcroft.

Closing prayer done by Chaplin. Dave also stated if you know anyone that is sick please contact him.

Adjourned – 20:38