Month: January 2021

Member Needs Assistance

To All Members,

Yesterday, 1/27/2021, there was an incident involving our Association Recording Secretary Lois Johnston at her home. A fire started in the exhaust fan in the bathroom and had spread into the wall. Her grandson smelled something burning and escorted everyone out of the house and called 911. Fire department arrived on scene, located the source, pulled the meter, and extinguished the fire in approximately 10 minutes resulting in smoke damage throughout the house and fire damage in the bathroom and kitchen. Most importantly there were NO INJURIES.

Lois and her family will be staying with other family members until repairs are made. The Association will assist the family in anyway they need assistance and if anyone would like to call or email and check on Lois and her family the number is 610-453-3422. Text message is preferred and her email is

Monthly Newsletters / January 2021 Newsletter

Starting in January 2021 we will be posting a monthly newsletter. The newsletter will be put together by President Paul Blanford and posted monthly. The newsletter will keep everyone up to date with what is going on in the organization. It will also have the members that are sick so that we can keep up on how everyone is doing and keep them in our prayers. Attached is the 1st newsletter for January 2021. Hope everyone stays safe and healthy .


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January 2021
To all Delaware County Fire Police:

It is with great sorrow we mourn our brothers and sister: Lisa Pasquarella, Fran Desmond, Art Sciachetti and Jerry Gaspero. Certainly, all were dedicated to our fire police cause and will be truly missed. The turnout of officers at the recent services was a true testament to their commitment and involvement.

A special note of appreciation to Dave Schlott for presiding at the funerals for Fran and Gerry. The “Heroes” pamphlets of prayers were most appropriate and appreciated. Please take time to read it or if you need one, please contact Dave.

Although there have been no meetings since last January, the organization continues to support the membership. The drive by for Joe Bradley’s 80 birthday is a prime example of our commitment to our members. Please Congratulate Mike Parks on this 87th birthday and John Pucino on his 84th. Keep on truckin’ guys!

Due to Fran’s Untimely death, I will now move up and assume an interim presidency with Mike Parks as 1st Vice President. I have asked Art Gorga to assume the 2nd Vice President position. All other positions shall remain the same until our next meeting. The officers and board will determine when it is safe to meet again. Our Memorial service is on hold, but not forgotten.

A special note to thanks to Earle Pensyl for updating our financial status.

Thanks to all who have been stepping up to the plate and helping out with many special activities. Also, to Art and Amanda for attempting to put together a viable email list.

Should you wish to contact me, I am at:
Home: 610-626-3751
Cell: 610-299-2486
Please stay safe and stay well. Happy New year!
Paul A Blanford
Interim President